Friday, July 25, 2014


I've been meaning to drag my beautiful friend Mikayla in front of the camera with me for ages, and the perfect opportunity came knocking when Coke extended their invitation to "Share a Coke" with a friend this summer to me! Coke sent two custom-made, personalized bottles with our names printed on them my way. Having an uncommon spelling of my name, I would never find my moniker on those personalized keychains at souvenir shops - so imagine how exciting it was to see "Kailey" printed on a Coke bottle…!

This spring, I actually made a blink and you'll miss it cameo in Coke's This Is Ahh commercial. Even though I'm only in it for a split second (at around 5 seconds in - can you see me?), getting tweets from readers and friends who spotted me in the ad on TV or in theaters was absolutely unreal!

I'm Wearing: SWEATER: Forever 21 (old; similar at Hello Holiday) SKIRT: c/o Choies (similar) SHOES Wal-Mart
HEAD SCARF: ModCloth (similar)

Mikayla and I drank our cokes while eating huge slices of pizza and strawberry sundaes, and later when we went to the thrift stores where we looked through racks and racks of clothing! All in all, a pretty perfect summer day ☀

Who would you like to share a coke with this summer? ♡

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sailor Kitten

DRESS:Sourpuss Clothing NECKLACE:Sourpuss Clothing SHOES: Thrifted

Considering cats prints and sailor hats/collars are two of my favorite things to wear, a dress combining the two seemed too perfect to exist - but thanks to Sourpuss Clothing, it does. I seriously can't get over this darling dress - I love the minty blue and pink color scheme (two hues I gravitate to towards over and over) and retro inspired silhouette. Plus - look at that collar!

And, as if it wasn't cute enough on it's own, Sourpuss also has a matching necklace!

I paired the dress with these equally darling sling back heels I thrifted for only $3. Rarely do I unearth cute shoes at thrift stores (I have no idea why?!), so I felt like I struck gold with these! They remind me a little bit of those Melissa heels that have been on my wishlist since before I even cared about clothes and shoes…!

I hope you all are enjoying summer! We finally found a reasonably priced air conditioner so my makeup isn't always melting off - phew! <3

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Summer is in full bloom, and with the beautiful sun and flowers comes allergies and melting from heat (no air conditioning ahhh!). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to create new blog posts in a while for you guys, so I thought a lil update was in order!

An incredibly talented artist, I've been head over heels in love with Sibylline Meynet's dreamy pieces since I first saw her Adventure Time illustrations circling tumblr months ago. Not only did Sibylline draw me (I almost cried when it popped up on my instagram feed...!), but she sent me the original drawing when I bought her darling pastel dolls pins and Adventure Time stickers! Truly one of the most magical parcels I've ever received - and Sibylline's drawing of me now hangs in my office framed - is that vain?! ;)

I've always loved film photography, but have been so intimidated by it to really pursue learning how to use film cameras - so I finally caved and bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini figuring it would be a good way to start experimenting! And I am absolutely in love - all of my pictures are digital, and being able to hold physical copies of your photos without printing them is such a luxury! There is a bit of a learning curve (I'm so spoiled with digital - taking a billion pictures at once until it's perfect hehe), but overall really easy to use! I can't wait to take more and hopefully get better *__*

July Fourth makeup! // Current uniform: f21 blouse, American Apparel tennis skirt, Modcloth purse & ASOS bag // Manicure of choice this summer: watermelons to match my shorts! // Being a busy bee and wearing these darling Hello Holiday glasses!

I have a bunch of exciting things up my sleeve - watch this space!

How's your summer so far? Have anything fun planned? <3

Friday, June 20, 2014

$200 Lady Petrova Giveaway!

Lady Petrova's pinafore, pastels, and holographic fabrics filled shop has been one I've absolutely adored since I first discovered it, so I am absolutely thrilled to announce Lady Petrova herself is offering one lucky Mermaidens reader $200 to her online shop!

So Full of Tears Dreams // Lime Crime D’Lilac Lipstick
To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway ends July 1st, 2014 and is open internationally. Winner will be contacted via email or twitter. If winner doesn't reply to email within 24 a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watermelon Taffy

TOP: Forever 21 SHORTS: Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal
SUNGLASSES: Fred Flare (no longer available - similar) FLATS: Wal-Mart

After a year of blabbing about how much I love and wanted them, I finally decided to just say "yolo" and purchased a pair of the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal watermelon shorts…! Truly perfect for the beautiful summer weather we've been having and incorporating the color pink and fruit (two things I love to wear hehe), they are easily one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe *___*

To ensure the watermelon shorts the main focal point, I kept the rest of my outfit simple and just wore a Forever 21 crop top and plain black flats.

I hope you are all enjoying your spring/summer - I have a couple exciting things slated for this summer and I am soooo excited! Do you have anything fun planned? ♡♡♡

P.S. If you've been wanting a portrait illustrated by yours truly, my commissions are now open!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Berta Pfirsich x Hana Haley for Ballad Of... Magazine

Last March, I got a message from photographer Berta Pfirsich asking if I could model Lazy Oaf pieces for Ballad Of… magazine! It sounded like a dream come true, but that month I also found out my grandfather would be having emergency open heart surgery and would be needed at a moments notice. I am forever grateful to Berta for going above and beyond scheduling this shoot around this scary event - and also to the absolutely amazing Hana Haley (who I've had the honor of working with before) for agreeing to do a collaborative shoot with us and driving Berta up to the location!

I met Berta, Hana, and Savannah Jane Bigley at Enchanted Forest - a darling nursery rhyme themed amusement park! Berta is an absolute doll who was even sweeter in person and gave me a big hug the minute we met - she is so incredibly talented and I had such a wonderful time working with her!


See More Here

And you already know how I feel about actual goddess Hana Haley hehe <3


See More Here

It was so much fun prancing around the misty theme park in Lazy Oaf (which you probably already know, I absolutely l o v e) pieces and alongside such talented babes!

Thank you so much again ladies for making this happen ♡ You can see a very amateurish behind the scenes video I shot that day on my Youtube channel here (Youtube fixed the shakiness of the video but in doing so messed up the text I put on top of it - so apologizes for the jumpy text! Trying to figure out how to fix it hah)!

You can order your copy of Ballad Of… Hardcore Happiness here. Mine is on the way and I am impatiently waiting it's arrival...! <3

Sorry this post is so long eek!

On Kailey: Lazy Oaf "Help Wanted" shirt, American Apparel skirt & socks, ChicWish Creepers
On Savannah: Lazy Oaf Top, American Apparel skirt, her own shoes

On Kailey: Lazy Oaf "Yes!" shirt, MissGuided skirt, ChicWish boots
On Savannah: Lazy Oaf "Pizza My Mind" dress, her own shoes